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Have Gun, Will Travel

Have Gun, Will Travel was a superb western series broadcast from 1957 to 1960 on CBS. John Dehner portrayed Paladin, a gunfighter and champion-for-hire. Ben Wright played Hey Boy. Virginia Gregg played the role of Miss Wong, Hey Boy's girlfriend The show originally started as a TV series on CBS. After its immediate success, CBS adapted the TV version on the air during the fading years of the radio. Both versions of the show ran concurrently, but the TV version remained strong and lasted to 1963. Highly ranked with Gunsmoke and The Frontier Gentleman, Have Gun, Will Travel was one of the finest western radio programs of all time.

The plots of Have Gun, Will Travel follows the adventures of Paladin in the wild west at the turn of the century. As a high-priced troubleshooter for hire, Paladin prefers to settle problems without violence, yet he always excels when circumstances dictate. As a man of conscience, Paladin seeks out the wrongdoers and restores justice in his own right.

Each episode opens with Paladin's vow, "If the girl who's being held prisoner has been harmed in any way, I'll flip a coin to see which one of you I gun down first." Paladin narrates his adventures in his deep, lonely voice. As a loner, Paladin never seems to have any real attachments, except his relationship with Hey Boy.

There are 106 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Strange Vendetta November 23, 1958
Hanging Cross-Christmas Show December 21, 1958
No Visitors December 28, 1958
The Outlaw December 14, 1958
Ella West December 7, 1958
Food To Wickenberg November 30, 1958
Bonanza August 23, 1959
When In Rome October 25, 1959
Landfall November 15, 1959
Deliver The Body July 19, 1959
High Wire August 2, 1959
Bitter Vengeance November 29, 1959
Stopover In Tombstone October 11, 1959
Anything I Want December 6, 1959
The Lady August 16, 1959
The Wager July 26, 1959
Love Bird August 30, 1959
Assignment In Stones Crossing November 8, 1959
Out Of Evil December 13, 1959
Brothers Lost October 18, 1959
Stardust September 20, 1959
Like Father September 27, 1959
Wedding Day November 1, 1959
Finn Alley August 9, 1959
All That Glitters September 6, 1959

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